A wearable wireless keyboard that can be worn and played like a conventional keyboard. It was conceived by Reed Goodrich back in 1983.

StarBoard wireless keyboard

Reed found his artistic expression limited by stationary keyboards. A songwriter, singer, and professional dancer, he wanted to move freely around the stage while singing and playing. This inspired him to invent the wireless wearable keyboard. While earlier prototypes worked, it wasn't until 1995 that the right combination of reliable technologies made the StarBoard © ready for professional use.

The latest evolution of his design, shown in this video, allows a keyboardist, for the first time, to play and move about unencumbered by restricting cables.

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The unique design of StarBoard © keeps the keyboard at the right playing level. The board's extensive range of lateral movement lets it swing from side to side, out of the way of leg movement, while the keys remain handy to the fingers. This lateral movement makes the keyboard appear to be floating in front of the performer, enhancing the visual effect.

The floating keyboard can operate wireless for over 200 feet and battery operation can exceed 8 hours.

StarBoard wireless keyboard

In the event the performer requires only minimal movement on stage, the wireless link can be bypassed and the keyboard cabled directly to the sound module.

StarBoard © is the only modern adaptation of a musical instrument that can challenge the long-standing status of the electric guitar. Lighter and much more versatile, the wearable wireless keyboard could well come into its own as a lead instrument - as did the electric guitar in the fifties.

StarBoard wireless keyboard

The big advantage is the variety of sound that the keyboard can produce. It is easy to quickly access, from stage, hundreds of instruments or combinations available from the sound module.

The performer has at his disposal many more notes than the guitarist does - ten keys together, as compared to 6 strings on the guitar. And the keyboard can be split into 2 different, programmable halves, allowing the two hands to play different sounds.

The ability to select, while on the move, volume, modulation, velocity, reverb, chorus, etc., as well as many drum kits and other percussive sounds, gives the StarBoard © artist a unique advantage for his stage performance.

As you can see, StarBoard © frees the self-accompanied singer, and dancer, to use the entire stage to maximum advantage. The patented StarBoard ©, as envisioned and created by Reed Goodrich, gives performers a revolutionary step into a new dimension for the future of live performance.